• Lars Wirzenius
  • Daniel Silverstone


Daniel has looked further into Rust Markdown parsers. There's still some rough corners to deal with. Bascially, we want full support for the Markdown flavours we will use, and also support for producing good error message for the user. This will require being able to tell, in the error message, in which source file and location the error happened.

Lars wrote up a concrete proposal for licensing, based on earlier consensus, and Daniel approved it. It has been added to the Fable website (

We had a video chat with someone who reviewed Fable and this helped us clarify the way to talk about Fable. Lars updated the architecture document to add a section on motivation for Fable.

We approached a few other people as well, for feedback on Fable.

Lars nailed down a concrete syntax proposal for dealing with test data for scenarios, based on earlier suggestion by Daniel. It's not been implemented yet, but it's clearly implementable and it'll do for the launch. This unblocks us from making a few more scenarios for Fable itself.

We discussed how we'll do the actual launch at the August BBQ party. Daniel will bring a laptop we can let people use, and on which we can optionally record their session (if they permit us), for later analysis. We added a node to the roadmap to prepare and bring the laptop.

Iteration plan


  1. Write some preliminary scenarios for the architecture document.
  2. Chat with a friend about Fable.
  3. Chat with a colleague, with testing experience, about Fable.
  4. Look at ways to do definition lists in Markdown.
  5. Review and ponder on Fable marketing.


  1. Continue work on parsing and generating Markdown in Rust.
  2. Talk with another hobby project of his about Fable.
  3. Review and ponder on Fable marketing.