• Lars Wirzenius
  • Daniel Silverstone


Daniel has been busy and hasn't made much progress. He's looking at different Markdown parsers for Rust.

Lars has made some changes to the prototype tooling and their command line interfaces (only the Markdown input file needs to be named now, and there are options to produce HTML and PDF, and to run the generated test program), some changes to the architecture document, and has had a feedback session with a co-worker who tried Fable. Lars also made Debian packages, which get automatically built and published by his personal CI.

We updated the roadmap, discussed licensing (probably copyleft for the tools, but output documents and generated code should have same license as their corresponding input files), widening the circle of people we request for feedback (we named a few people to approach in the new iteration).

We discussed change review (we'll start doing that when we start working on the production implementation), and project hosting (probably github or gitlab, with an automatic mirror of code and tickets and everything).

We discussed some details of typography for the generated document. Any drastic changes will have to wait for post-launch. It might be good to find someone who's actually good at typgraphy to help us design that aspect better.

We're still making good progress for the August launch. There's not much more we absolutely have to do by then, but the more mature and smooth we can make the software for first launch, the better.

We still want there to be a talk about Fable at the November Debian miniconf. It looks like Lars won't be able to go, but Daniel will and can deliver the talk. We'll prepare the talk together.

Iteration plan


  1. Write some preliminary scenarios for the architecture document.
  2. Add link to tutorial to Fable website front page.
  3. Draft an invitation to look at Fable. Send it to a few selected people.
  4. Change PDF typesetting to use boldface for regexp captures, and some and grey for keywords.
  5. Fix tutorial and mentions.
  6. Draft a proposal for Fable licensing for the production version, and send to Daniel for review.


  1. Continue work on parsing and generating Markdown in Rust.
  2. Review drafts from Lars.