• Lars Wirzenius
  • Daniel Silverstone


During this iteration discussion we covered where we were up to, the (new) road map, and what we plan to achieve over the next two weeks, as well as some longer term plans. See retrospective and iteration plan, below. Longer term, we aim to get a talk on Fable to the Debian miniconf in Cambridge in November.

For the miniconf, we'll want Debian packages, and possibly snaps, and the tooling should be less of a prototype, but it doesn't need to be production ready, yet.

We also both mentioned Fable to others, and there seems to be some tentative initial interest.

We agreed that only code blocks at the top level will be supported for fable scenario snippets. If we want to add support for them in, say, list items, we can consider that when there is an actual user request.

We discussed tracking requirements for a moment, but agree that it's a post-November thing for Fable. We need to keep scope limited to make progress.

Fable branding may be relevant for the November presentation, but it's not something we need to worry about before the BBQ.

At or after the August BBQ, we may want to recruit someone who's good a typesetting or LaTeX.


Lars has written (drafts of) two sample documents, the tutorial, and an architecture document. The document generator seems to work sufficiently well. The code generator (in Python, for Python) works enough for one sample document.

Daniel has investigated Rust crates for parsing Markdown, and has the beginnings of code that parses and then recreates it. Also, the code can extract fable code blocks. This is a first step of being confident we can parse and manipulate Fable documents. Unfortunately, the pre-1.0 crate has just changed its API, so this work will need to be re-done.

Iteration plan


  1. Implement the jt fable so it runs successfully.
  2. Write some preliminary scenarios for the architecture document.
  3. Style HTML output a little.
  4. Style website a little.
  5. Check that the installation instructions in the tutorial work.
  6. Add to the tutorial a request to give us feedback on Fable and the tutorial.


  1. Update the rust poc tool to adapt to markdown crate changes.
  2. Ask our mutual friend R. M. to follow the tutorial and give us feedback.