• Lars Wirzenius
  • Daniel Silverstone


During this iteration discussion we covered where we were up to, went over the formatting of the fable-poc doc generator, planned out roughly the timeline of what we need for being able to present at the BBQ, and reconfirmed our intent to be able to present fable in some more concrete form at the Debian mini-conf in Cambridge in November.


We didn't have concrete actions leading into this discussion.

Iteration plan


  1. Migrate the PoC codegen into fable-poc and ensure it is capable of generating basic tests.
  2. Write a fable document with scenarios, bindings, functions, etc. to actually test something.
  3. Initial outline of the tutorial


Produce a Rust PoC capable of:

  1. Reading markdown files
  2. Identifying and extracting Fable scenarions from those files
  3. Writing out markdown files containing the above.

Said PoC will be in the fable-poc repository in a directory called rust-poc